UHL Accounts Receivable and Billing Systems


    Customer Management

Contact tracking
Instant customer access by number, name and address
Customer contact tracking
Future actions management
Letter management


Customizable importing of source data files
Automatic creation of invoices from source data
In house or outsourced printing of statements

    Cash Receipts

Lock box, credit card and manual receipts
Complete balancing and auditing reports

    Lien Management

Customizable lien management for public utilities


Reports are completely customizable. Samples:
Customer Contacts by Date and Type
Invoice Journal
Top 20 Usage Report
Adjustment Report
Actions Taken by Result Code
Collection Statistics
Bills Sent
ACH Activity Report
Closed Customers with Credit Balance
Invoices and Receipts for Customer
Customers with No Payments
Annual Rate Change Report

    Month End Processing

Invoices and receipts can be posted to new period before former period is closed
Aging reports
Complete balancing and auditing reports
Automatic posting to General Ledger
Summary and detail activity reports


Collection activity can be tracked within the system or sent to outside collection agencies.